Maxxis tires on a WR 450

I just put on some new skins. A Maxxis sand and mud front and an intermeadiate terrain on the rear, my question is is what tire preassure shall i be running? I ride all trails and singletrack,soft forest dirt and some hard terrain.

I run 12 psi front and rear. For a mud run I would go to 10 psi in the rear. I raced Enduro's for 5 years in rocks and only had 1 flat. And that was in a sand race in Houston. Stem tore off the tube.

I rode with a guy last weekend that was running 15psi. I mentioned that was too high for what we were doing and he blew me off. He got beat to hell in the rocks. LOL.

12lbs, perfect.

I weight about 190 with gear. Mud is about 10psi, "normal" dirt is about 12. Rocks is 14 psi.

I like around 12-15psi. Just play around with pressures and see what you like.

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