Filter Cage Screen

Does anyone know what the purpose of the screen on the air filter cage? My 426 is the first bike I've ever had/seen with one on it.


I'm 15 and ride a '00 YZ426F. Its a little cold here in MI so for now, I have to let my '96 Yamaha XT 600 give me the thrills I need.

anti-backfire protection.

Yeah and you know the suction these Babies create! If you take out the screen it would probably suck your filter right into your carb!

Or maybe even worse..........

It might create a black Hole with so much VACUUM.......LOLOLOL


ride BLUE

SUnruh is correct. The screen is there to prevent the air filter from catching on fire it the bike happens to hiccup, cough or backfire. Don't remove it! It won't run any better without it.

Thanx a lot. I figured it was there so it didn't suck the filter into the carb/boot but I never thought about it being there for back-fire protection. :)


YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

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