Oil coming out of Case saver hole

So when I got my bike the top hole for the case saver was stripped. It seemed to have some bite if I put a longer bolt in so I did this. Well I went too long and if there is no screw in the hole oil comes out(note a hole in the case). It does not seem to leak if I have a screw in there but I wanted to know if i'm messing anything up? Will the screw hit something if its way in there?

Apparently, you either used too long a screw, somebody drilled a hole too deep, or there was a weak spot between the high pressure oil passage feeding the trans bearings and the threaded hole.

Make sure the head of the bolt will bottom out before the nose does when screwed in without the case saver in place.

It way my fault, I used too long of a screw because the threads were stripped when I got the bike. Just to be safe I think I will tap the hole to the next size so I can use a shorter bolt. The threads are so stripped I can push the stock lenth bolt all the way in with out turning it. I dont know how much bite is left and I dont want it backing out on a 100 mile ride.

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