Bike insurance

I just found out today that the insurance company that my bike is insured with does not insure bikes that are used in competion.

Do you know of any insurance company that do insure competion bikes.

Progressive has an off-road policy.

I pay $100 / year


i have both of my race bikes (98yz250, 01yz250f), my wife's ttr125L and my cbr600f2 through Progressive. actually, my agent (Jim Bolden here in austin - blatant plug) razzed me about riding harescrambles and not being on a KTM!

Thats pretty funny

Do all insuranve agents ride KTMs

My agent also rides the pumpkin.


What does this sort of insurance cover? Crashes and motor work???? or just theft? If its the first then sign me up..

mine is total coverage. however, i don't know what happens in the event of a crash that does major damage. i'd have to ask him. i wanted it more for theft and vandalism than anything.

all policies vary from state to state. in texas, your bike is covered (at least that is what my state farm agent says) as longs as it is on the property. once it leaves the yard, it is NOT covered. hence the need for a seperate policy.

In case some of you have not experienced having your bike stolen be aware that most homeowners policys do NOT cover motorcycles or ATVs. Check with your agent if your not sure.

I was B.S'd by AAA (SoCal) into buying homeowner's from them on the basis that, " since the bike is not street legal and subjet to your auto policy, it's covered under homeowner's" ( he lied point blank to my face). I haven't found a company that does offer it under homeowner's. AAA doesn't even offer a recreational vehicle policy (that's what it's called) . For all of you in SoCal, think about that when buying ANY insurance from AAA. They don't support us, why should we support them?

If I'm not mistaken my deductible is $500. It would take a hell of a wreck to make it worth while to make a claim. I have a loan out on my 400 so I'm pretty sure it is considered full coverage. Yes, it is an offroad policy.


Allstate insures off road bikes. It's a bit pricy, but you may want to compare it to the others.


I have progressive right now and I heard they cover off road bikes but not if it is used in competion. so I called them to ask and they said they did not cover competion.

Those that have progressive did you agents say they were covered in competion?

Also I had a bad wreck on one that was covered before and they paid 2,250 to fix it.

so they do cover crashes.


I have coverage through Progressive also. It will cover crashes only if you have Collision coverage, which raises the cost by quite a bit. Comprehensive is what covers vandalism, theft, fire, etc. and that is what I have. It about $140 a year for that.

I have insurance through Shield of Shelter, my agent set mine with a generic motorcycle policy, same for street or dirt. It covers damage,theft, collision. $500 deductable, $182 yr. He could also care less if it is raced or parked. I had a buddy of mine's quad that was stolen from his garage 12 days after purchase, no insurance on it yet. Luckily home owners picked it up and cut him a check. Theft is my biggest fear and I made sure that was top on my list.

I have American Family, he didn't ask if I raced. About $100 a year on my 00 426. Full coverage, but my cars and house are with the same guy.

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