wr450 not starting from e-start


I have an 07 wr450 yamaha that will not start from the e-start. The bike starts fine from the kick starter.

When I press the e-start, the bike turns over ok but will not start. Checked the voltage when using the e-start and it doesn't drop much. Tried to jump start and no joy. Checked all wiring and it looks ok.

Changed the starter parts using another wr450 and still no joy. I checked the spark plug with e-start and there is spark every now and then. During all this period I have sold the bike, just need to fix this problem.

Where should I go from here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Try a new plug?


might try a new plug. If this fails I may have to start looking at the wiring

if it runs with the kick starter I'm guess its not the plug, I vote checking wiring, sorry :)

Check the valve clearance. My 03 WR450 did exactly the same thing, and all of the sudden. Checked the intake valves and the clearance had gone negative. In other words, two of the intake valves were being held very slightly open and the relatively slow turn over of the estart compared to the kick allowed compression to bleed off.

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