Could someone please talk some sense into my brother?

My little brother who has a yz426 races desert and trail rides. He is going to get him a new ride. He called me today and asked me my opinion. He has his heart set on a YZ, I have tried my hardest to convince him that a WR is they way to go for his type of riding. After all I have beat him every race on my WR. The WR, in my opinion is the best all around bike made!

My last bike was a 00 yz 426. See my sig for the current ride. I can go faster for more time on this bike than I could on my yz. I'll never switch back. I even rode a yz 450 yesterday. That engine is sweet; I'll give it that. I absolutely hated everything else about the yz though. My legs were working twice as hard to make up for the work that the suspension WASN'T doing on the yz. If you ride motocross get a bike designed for motocross. If you ride woods/desert/etc., then get a bike designed for that. If you think that you know more about bikes than the engineers in Japan, then do whatever you want to do. My ideal bike would be a yz with a wr tranny, suspension, flywheel, and e-start. Well gee... I guess I'd have a wr with a yz cam and no lights at that point. :D The e-start is a situation where you don't know what you were missing until you have it. I thought yz felt slightly lighter, but the guy who owned it said that he couldn't feel any difference between his bike and mine. I like the wr a TON better than my yz. There's my $.02... :D

Chris :)

He has his heart set on a YZ, I have tried my hardest to convince him that a WR is they way to go for his type of riding.

I don't think he will be entirely happy with a four speed in a western off-road race, or even trail riding. Six gears is great, five will do, but four? That don't cut it IMO.

I think 4 would be doable if it were a wide ratio tranny, but it is not. I have all the gearing a yz has in 2, 3, and 4.

After all I have beat him every race on my WR.

If that didn't do it, maybe all you need is a new brother! :)

Ok the wr seems ok, but the only bad thing i hear is the suspension on the yzf isnt as good. Nothing that X-Country Suspension could take care of. I really dont know why im set on the yzf. I think the yzf is the perfect set up for my type of riding. :)

Fess up, the truth is you just don't want to have to change your handle. :)

OTOH the WR is a heavy pig.

In my case the WR/YZ indecision was so crippling I ended up buying a CRF. :D

The WR is an all around good bike but it is in personal prefrance. i perfer a KLX400r. its been alsome!

Take a look at my signature. It has taken a lot of $$$ to convert my 00 YZ to WR, and I still don't have the widr ratio tranny. Thinking about changing gears this winter, but just more $$$. I would have been a lot better off starting with the WR and making YZ mods. Which is what I am going to do this winter instead of the tranny gears (get a WR 450). In short, making a YZ handle like a WR is doable, just expensive and not very smart.

Also, read the post "I'd like to calm this beast down a little! " on the YZ forum.

I have started telling everyone to buy KTM's as I dont want them to know what a huge advantage the WR450 is over everything else ! :)

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