I need a pipe!

hi all, I need a good loud pipe that doesnt sound tinny cuz i like my no tip BRP's sound but i want a spark arrestor so i can actually go on public lands. Where i ride the dB police are nonexistent and if they did come out, everyone would tell them exactly how and where to put their meter :). We all ride loud bikes just my newly aquired pig has no spark arrester which is not cool in the woods. I am wondering about maybe the FMF 14"? any other suggestions? loud is good, not starting fires is better, just looking for a slip on for now, any input would be great. BTW we are not riding in parks or anything like that, just oil leases and grazing leases that are technically government land but the owners/tenants dont care. Dont worry about the enviro weenies taking offense and trying to shut down a park or something because of us.

I have a FMF Powercore 4 full system and it's got a big bark to it. My advise would be spend as little money as you can - cheap price = loud pipe

I have a brand new Yoshimura Rs-3 slip on for sale for your 650R; retails for $289 will sell for $245 plus shipping. Nice and LOUD!!!

I also run the FMF Power Core IV with a S/A to keep from starting those fires. :D

Slip on fit was perfect, I have no regrets.

You can't go wrong with one of these. :)

How loud is the powercore 4 compared to the stocker with no tip or packing? Mine is tad loud but i like it. Does the yoshimura sound tinny? i have heard some that sounded like a firecracker in a garbage can with some afterbass. Never heard that particular yosh pipe. I like it to sound like a thumper, a big one. I have heard some biggun pipes on a raptor, they sounded pretty good but ive heard they have bad build quality, any truth to this? thanx in advance, JR


All I can tell you is the PCIV w/SA has a good sound.

If you like loud, you'll get it. If you like it a little quiter then the way it comes, you can get the Quiet core insert for the PCIV. Now that woun't make it as quite as the 94-95db FMF "Q" pipe but it comes close. (I called FMF and spoke to them about all of the different combinations and inserts.) Fore me it was between the FMF PCIV and the Q.

you should not run your stock pipe without the insert as it makes the bike carburation incorrect. you can cut the insert to about 20-22mm and then it will work almost like a power up HRC racing insert (this insert is sold by honda for about $110). just don't cut the baffles that look like a beer cap inside. they are there for proper back pressure and carburation... regarding the sound of the yosh, I can only suggest that you listen to one and make the call yourself. this is the only way you will be happy. I think the yosh makes a nice laud thumper sound but then again someone else may think otherwise. everyone has a different perspective and you should make the call. if you like a loud bike and don't want to spend any money you could always just remove the silencer completely!!! just kidding, you need to have one otherwise the bike will not run correctly and you run the risk of damagine your valves due to incorrect carburation... the same reason you should not ride the bike without the insert. :)

I realize you stated there is no chance of bothering anyone or losing a riding area, but what's so cool about a loud pipe? When I was about 16 I thought it was cool. Now I realize it just damages hearing and pisses people off. Whether you realize it or not, it adds stress to your riding experience. Most people find that if they wear earplugs when they ride, they can ride longer without tiring. I'm really getting bummed out with all the loud four strokes out there. Many times a quieter pipe will perform just as well, this has been proven on the dyno. To sum it up, I just don't get why loud is a good thing??? :)

Best thing I can suggest for your usage is the FMF power core IV. It has a nice, loud, deep throated bark which is not "airy" or "tinny" sounding. It sounds very good and the noise is high, but does not penetrate distance like a loud two stroke will. From a distance it sounds deep throated and pleasant to the ears. Very macho stuff. Also the bike will run better. Keep the stock pipes, and get the slip on FMF silencer.

Now, for the idea of not using your tip, because it could "screw up the carburetion". Well, that is just not the case. Screwing up the carburetion requires messing with the carb, not the pipe tip. Richer jetting will be required for a more open pipe or silencer, but believe me, it won't "screw up" anything. For example, if you alter the stock tip, or remove it, you are creating a free flowing system and reducing backpressure. This requires rejetting. But it does NOT screw up the carb in an way. Most aftermarket pipes are glass packs with no baffles, so don't

listen to the guy who says you're messing up your carb.

Just remember to jet a little richer for the baffle-less FMF silencer if the power feels flat or the bike runs too hot. Also remember the 650R likes to be jetted RICH to make the most of it's power.

Have fun with it!


One last thought here: cutting the stock tip to 22mm is A)not easy (the best mod for the stock tip is to drill it to 34 or 36mm), and also, even if you could cut it to 22mm, performance is crap compared to the full power up kit which uses the 40mm tip (power kicks ass). Modifying the 40mm HRC tip by removing the spark arrestor and baffle cap (airy sound, not that great), improves performance about equal to the the Big Gun full exhaust system (headers and silencer). However the Big Gun pipes are JUNK and WILL NOT fit right, and will fall apart and leak after a few hours use. But the power improvement was significant. Get the FMF power core IV

I set up my carb specifically to run with the tip out. the stock setup from honda is crap anyway.

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