bad brake feel


I am having dramas with the brakes on my 06 450, I cant seem to get a good "feel" on both brakes, The brakes seem great when they grab but both pedal and lever have a lot of initial movement before applying the brakes, I have bled both brakes at the master cyllinder, both ends of the brake line as well as the usual bleed nipple, I have dismantled the rear master cylinder and checked the seals as well as the caliper and they are fine. the frt brake lever pulls in atleast two thirds before applying the brake at all and the rear isnt much better but when applied they are fine with no spongyness, I am an experienced qualified mechanic so i know what im doing but this has me stumped.

I think there's an adjuster mechanism on the f brake lever, try putting more travel into the rod. Not sure if you've done that yet but it's worth a try. Also, did this bad brake feel come on suddenly? That would indicate a ruptured seal or diaphragm or something. Some TT users have suggested going to a braided brake line to reduce the flexing or expanding of the stock rubber lines, which can cause a soft or mushy feel. Hope this helps.

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