Broken Kick Lever on '09 YZ450F

Recently purchased a brand new '09 YZ450F. On my second ride (first was maybe 60 min) the bottom edge of the kick lever sheered off. All other components are fine to include the kick axle. The broken piece of the small block at the bottom which prevents the lever from folding back when out for starting (it swings from the folded in position to swung all the way back).

I have to imagine that having purchased the bike w/in the last month I should be able to get this piece replaced at little to no cost but I have since moved which makes it difficult to work w/ the shop I purchased the bike from.

Does anyone have an idea of where I can get the stock kick lever by itself? Every parts site I have looked at so far sells it as a $95-$120 crank assembly which includes about 7 other parts I do not need. The boss kick crank (part of that assembly) is absolutely fine and does not need to be replaced. Literally, all I need is a kick lever but cannot find it sold separately.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You purchased the bike from Yamaha through a dealer. Yamaha will likely take care of the problem if you go to a local dealer with your sales documents.

No one sells the upper lever separate from the assembly. Try eBay or go get it warranteed.

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