Dunlop MX51

Anyone have any reviews on the new geomax mx51 front tire. Is it more for intermidiate/hard or just overall intermidiate terrian.

I have ridden with one - hated it but better than the even worse 756. My buddy went back to Michelin Starcross front and rear MS3. The MH3 is a great tire too.

Im running them front and rear on my 07. The rear is great, sticks really well and wears great too. Front Im not as happy with, its ok but nothing great. I ride in the desert, mostly sand and hard pack.

Very unhappy with the MX51 Front. I spent half an hour trying to figure out why my bike wouldnt hold a line, if felt like something was way out of sync up front, I was loosening pinch bolts on the forks, trying to see if anything was twisted etc, turns out the general feeling is the mx51 likes to wander off center, and causes the sensation of misalignment., mxa's review is similar.. I trade my new mx51 front for a worn 756.

403 and 404 are working great for me on socal int/hard tracks.

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