normal operating temp,,,, and max temp?

a while back i boughth a trail tech, and when i set it up i set the yellow light on the temp to come on a 200 and the red light to come on a 240 my question is where should they be,,, while riding with my son yesterday in the 100 degree heat,, on some really tight slow trails the temp was bouncing around in the 220 -230 range,,,, until i got moving a little and then it went down to 160 range

my question is how hot is too hot,,, thanks

I wish I had an exact answer for you because I've been wondering the same thing. I've run over 240 once or twice. I take my bike to Nicoll Racing when Im getting stuff done, he (Billy Nicoll) said stop staring at it so much. He said they run that hot sometimes and didn't seem too alarmed. However, since then I had him do his carb mod and a slip on FMF pipe and I haven't seen temps that high, average 190-210, and it is like a whole new bike!

Side note: Nicoll Racing in San Clemente, CA is the only race shop I ever feel completely confident that I'm not gonna get screwed over or overcharged, or return to have work done I didn't ask for. Billy is truly honest and does great work. He has even told me when I don't need something and it would just be a waste of money. I can't say enough good things about Nicoll!

thanks ,, im not too worried about my temps,, i was just hoping to find out what is normal,,it sounds like its pretty common ,,, thanks again for your input,, any info is good info

Boiling into the recovery tank=too hot.

Anything else is acceptable.

I've ridden WRs in Saudi Arabia and as long as you keep moving it'll all work out. Good radiators on these things. Also make sure you are not jetted too lean on the pilot or idle circuit.

ps not cool to hammer people that don't answer your questions immediately.

The max temp depends on your coolant and your cap. With a stock 16 pound (1.1 bar) cap and standard, green, ethylene glycol coolant 50/50 with water, you will boil at about 266-270 at sea level. Propylene glycol at 50/50 is ~5 higher or so.

Normal depends on your riding conditions. The temps and conditions you described are about what I'd expect. There's no thermostat and no fan, so you'll see a wide range of temperatures. Don't be surprised if you see 125 rolling down a smooth road in high gear.

I'd set the yellow light at 240 and the red at 260.

thanks for the reply,, i just cant afford to rebuild an engine because i was being stupid, i thought i was ok ,,,but you never know,,, it has never been over 235 , and only there for less than a minuite,,, sometimes there is nothing you can do about the trail your on,, so i just stop and let it cool down for a minuite in the shade,, thanks again for the answers,,,

There's no harm in cooling system temps of 235-250 as long as no boiling is going on. The cooling fans won't activate on most GM cars until 235 is reached. It's considered the upper end of normal.

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