TT Style Case Shields for WR450?

Hey guys,

I let a friend take my WR out in some technical trails last week and it took a little damage to the Crank Case cover (part#1). Without being dropped I now have a slow "weeping" drip from right about where the identifier line is on #1.

I know there were no drops because I was behind him, but I do know we rubbed and banged some stuff while bulldogging though the high rocks. On my DRZ I have TT Case Shields and thye do VERY well, but I cannot seem to find anyone who make them for the WR.

Right now I have the bike drained of oil and I am waiting on a new billet case cover, but would like to get a shield to protect it even more.

Anybody know who makes some? Thanks!

Reference graphic

Heaps of people make 'bash plates', you might be better off with one of those if you like riding in rocks.

I run Aussie B&B bashplates on my WR's, but I doubt they sell these in USA. GYTR got some if you want genuine yamaha, or you could try works connection.

Here's the one on my 450:


Heaps of people make 'bash plates', you might be better off with one of those if you like riding in rocks.

I wish it were that easy bro, I have a larger bash plate than yours; I cannot find any that will protect far enough back.


Ahhh, I see. You might have to go custom mate. Have you got a mate handy with a welder? A shop will be able to do it for you, just make the mods out of cardboard and take it in.

Great idea, not something I had condiered.

I am hoping it does not come that but I now have another option!


This is the one I made for my 450 a couple of years ago.

I used 5mm thick plate, which, in retrospect, is too heavy.

I'd use 3.5 or 4mm plate if I had my time over again.

I did pretty much exactly what mutu says, except I cut and bent all the plate at home. The shop simply welded it all together for me.



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