02 WR426 beats 03 WR450 at top end???

Someone please help this rookie understand why my friends 426 with no engine mods (other than the silencer out) keeps passing me at top speeds like I am standing still in a brand new 450. Does 5th gear speed come after more than 20 miles and fully broken in? Is his fast or is mine slow? Any data or suggestions would be appreciated :)

What mods have you made on your bike? My kid on a big wheel can beat the snot outta a bone stock wr out of the crate. But seriously, you need to make the recommended mods before you will ever see the true power of this bike. Read my post titled wr450's only and you will get an idea of what people have dome to wring the power out :):D

The handy-dandy throttle stop would be my first suspicion. You may only be getting the factory prescribed 3/4 throttle; his might be cut to allow full-boogie. :)

The 426 and 450 are very close in a drag race. My friends 426 pulls me thru 3rd. I pull him by a couple of bike lengths in 4th and 5th. The 450 revs a bit slower but it's making serious power. :)

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