Happiest guy around!


Through all of the frustration I have endured over the last two months I can shout out loud and exclaim "IT'S ALIVE" I finally got my 00-426 to start with ease. I took the advise of several "thumpertalkers" and did a little jetting. I installed a 165 main and a 48 pilot and adjusted the pilot screw to 2 and 1/4 turns out. She lights up now first or second kick! I couldn't be happier. Keep in mind this is a bike I used to kick for a 1/2 hour straight and not start.

Thanks to all who offered advise, med56

Glad to hear all is well, That is the same jetting spec's I'm running and couldn't be happier myself.

Have you guys tried these specs in warm weather also, I had slight detonation when below 50 degrees on my 00 426, with a 45 slow, 162 main, and 2.5 turns. Basically I was wondering if you had any plug fouling in hot weather.

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