1997 KTM 300 EXC resto

g'day guys,

I'm new on here, so hopefully I'm not asking the same old questions again.

I've just picked up a 97 KTM300 exc off a mate, and it's in need of some love. It looks like it been fairly well used, ie pipe smashed in, held on with wire etc. Despite that it starts on the first kick and runs well, and the engine side of things seems pretty clean. I'm not keen to ride it (or even start it again) though until I've sorted a few things out.

so.... my questions are:

Is there much part interchange between this and the MX model, or between other bikes like the 250 etc, obviously I'm thinking bikes of the same era, eg96/97 and particularly wheels/forks etc. I just need to know what parts are common before I start ordering bits and pieces.

Are there any major issues that you'd address with this model, or was it a pretty good thing straight out of the box? The magazine articles of the day all raved about it.

Now the one bad bit, there's obviously some coolant leakage issue going on, as there's a contaminated oil ooze (not BP related) coming from around the impeller? cover. I haven't had it off yet as I'm into a few other projects, and just wanted to get a few opinions before I spread parts all over the shed floor.

Thanks in advance.

many parts interchange in the bikes as you think they do. wheels, suspension, etc. Only problems are leaky fork seals and needs a different needle just like all KTM 2st.

thanks Mike,

I've started collecting parts, I'll post some before and after pics when I get a chance.

Do you know of anyone who does graphics kits for these? Most companies only seem to do from 98 on

Cheers again

I rode a '97 300 for quite a few years. It was a bullet proof woods bike for sure. As mentioned the fork seals tended to leak but a pair of seal savers seemed to help a lot. As for the carb, I consulted with JD jetting to get the right jets and needle. I also put in a #7 slide in the carb as many people did. The stock slide is a #6. This seemed to cure some off idle bogging. My bike had an FMF fatty pipe with the silencer.

Thanks for the info mate, what sort of elevation are you at there in Oregon?

Did the FMF pipe change the power delivery or just give you more of it?



I rode the 300 between 3000-5000 ft elevation. The FMF fatty pipe was on the bike when I got it so I can't compare to stock. I think it tends to wake up the mid-range of the power band.

thanks Mike,

I've started collecting parts, I'll post some before and after pics when I get a chance.

Do you know of anyone who does graphics kits for these? Most companies only seem to do from 98 on

Cheers again


Did you ever find a graphics company to do graphics for this bike. I'm doing a resto on the same bike too.


g'day, no not really. Ceet used to have a fair range that matched up with their gripper seat covers, but they haven't got much on offer at the moment apart from this that I found on ebay...


...which is a bit dated.

I was going to talk to some of the local sticker guys here and see if they'd done something in the past which was still on file, otherwise I was looking at a combination of Acerbis replacement plastics which you can get in black as well, and try and come up with something myself with off the shelf generic stickers.


G'day again, finally started pulling this apart. I was looking for wheel bearing kits on ebay and noticed a few 'upgrade' kits advertised that mentioned the stock bearings a a bit under-engineered. These kits seem good value, new bearings, spacers, seals etc, for $50. Anyone else use these? Is there a problem with the stock bearings? Cheers

If it is the kit with the wheel spacers with the steel sleeves. That's the

Way to go. Seals won't groove out the steel sleeves, like it will on the

Aluminum. I always take the plastic caps off bearings and regrease them.

You will be shocked how little grease they use on the bearings.

Thanks mate, the kit did have the spacers with inserts so i've ordered one.

On another topic, does anyone know whether the spokes from later models are the same? I've been told the only difference may be the nipples being aluminium instead of steel. Thanks again guys

g'day again,

it's been awhile but there has been some progress. Suspension all done, wheels rebuilt, new bearing/seals everywhere etc. I've rebuilt a vintage YZ MX bike in the meantime so there's always juggling of time and money.

My latest question is re the forks, I've stripped them, cleaned them out and installed new seals and dustcovers. Can anyone tell me the best oil weight and volume? I read somewhere on a 250exc test from back in the day that they were running slighty lighter oil in one leg than the other?

If I could get a stock starting point though, that would help.


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