Hi Newbe getting hot

Hi all please be kind to me I'm a new WR426 owner, I have owned a fair few off road bikes but this is my first WR. Can I ask for a little help on a few issues.

1) God does this thing get hot 1 minute on the side stand and the rads are hot and the pipe glows red, is this normal or do I need to look at it.

2) I changed the plug and I think it looks lean any advice on this would be great.

3) I have spoken to two owners about the noise of the engine they both said that the 426 sounds very mechanical is this right.

I hate to ask such dum Q's but it bike does feel very different form any other bike I have owned.

Thanks Jono

WR426 2001

They do get hot quite quickly just sitting still. Have you got an adjustable fuel screw? These are a great investment for pilot circuit tuning. Try a 48 pilot jet for starters, and go from there.

Don't worry about the plug. You cant read old plugs. It's a waste of time.

These are noisy bikes. They sound very noisy when you got a bash plate on.

Try a 1.6 psi radiator cap...still will get hot but won't boil over as quick. Install an electric fan if you want....search archives for info, fluidyne radiators, engine ice with watter wetter, and NEW radiator hoses...One, some or all of these things will help the heat....regardless....a cool bike is a happy bike :-) To determine if it is lean or possibly lean I should say we need your temperatures where you are, altitude where you are, and we need to know your main jet size, needle position, and pilot jet size, also a list of mods to engine/intake/exhaust.

only on my 09 wr450. I rode it shortly and the exhaust got extremely hot:banghead:

Didn't they cover these questions in the faq's

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