Clunking Front Suspension

It feels like my front suspension is "loose" as it clunks on landings (some of the time) right on impact. Suspension compression/rebound action appears smooth. I checked the triple clamps - Ok but have not checked stem tightness apart from the locking nut in the top which appears tight. Anyone ?

Also when do you know if your fork seals need replacing ? I have used the feeler guage trick a couple of times already to clean it up a little with good results. If I do this and it doesnt work anymore is that a good enough guage ? Other than inspection ?

Sounds like you need to check the stearing head bearings.

The nut on top (not you!) doesn't mean anything. It's the spanner below that has to be right.

You can check the steering head buy pulling the front wheel and pulling the forks out while checking for play. Any play whatsoever is too much.

I would get the manual, pull the forks and the clamps and re-grease the bearing and reinstall.

good luck

Mine was clunking also. It ended up being the lower steering head bearing. I'd managed to blast it with water when pressure washing the bike.

I had a clunking that was a broken fork spring.

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