WR426 Supermoto/Green Laner Help!

Hi peeps,

Long time lurker here, had my WR426 about 18 months now, bought it in Supermoto Form with YZ Decompression Cam, Braking Wavy Discs, Braking Calipers, STM Slipper clutch, Gold Excel Rims with Talon Hubs and uprated/lowered/stiffened KTech suspension, ive done one Supermoto Trackday at Swaffham Kart Track which i thought was fantastic but i have mainly used the bike as a Green Laner fitting my standard enduro wheels with the uprated/lowered/stiffened KTech suspension which hurts my wrists after a short while.

I thought about selling the bike because of this but i have always wanted a Yamaha WR.

I was thinking about getting the bike set up for Green Laning, i would really like to keep my K-Tech Suspension if i use it for supermoto in the near future, so was looking at getting some secondhand WR Forks and rear shock and swapping these over when i want to go green laning to try and save my wrists! Also the bike has an STM slipper clutch, i take it i wont need this for Green Laning?, the previous owner gave me the standard clutch so is it worth popping that back in also for Green laning or just leave it?

Just wondered if thats all i need and where would be the best place to get a secondhand set of Forks and a Rear Shock or would it be worth getting YZ forks and shock?, is there much of a difference?.

Also the bike needs a new rear tyre does anyone have any reccomendations as i have no idea when it comes to enduro as i am quite new to it. Is it worth getting a new front also? It currently has Michelin Enduro Competitions which i assume came with the bike as the majority of its life this bike has been an SM



Pic of my bike currently


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