Woodruff Keys Still Failing !!!

It was me who told him about not useing the e-start to cold start the bike. I read that somewhere but at the moment I can not seem to locate the reference

I believe it says in the KTM owners manual not to use the e-start until the engine is warm.

my friend who works at the biggest store in town called me on tuesday asking if i could find them some (not in the usa) woodruff keys for wr450f's. they have 3 bikes in the shop with failures. one has been there a month already. according to "john", the eta on the new parts is end of july. eeek! to say the least. he also said that yamaha is/was issueing a full recall on the bikes and that a new flywheel,woodruff key and parts were in the "fix" list.

i suggested that he take a good key down to the local bolt supply warehouse and match them up. buy 2 dozen and then do the "lapping" job on the flywheels to get the customers back on their bikes. time will tell. this certainly is a black eye for yamaha.


The shop that did mine here in CA has them in stock.I'll see if i can dig up the number for you. :)

Found there number here it is 408 246 7323

I had read in a previous post of people going to the local hardware store and buying them there. probably the best way to get it done fast, but does that in some way affect the warranty, being that it is not a Yamaha genuine replacement part?? :):D

still seems odd to me that some bikes have the woodruff key fail and some of us dont have any problems with it, even after 1000 miles on the odemeter, as is the case with mine. Is it a manufacturing period to time this took place or what? I think I read another thread about this at some time.


info was relayed.

Just a thought guys, the woodruff key is supposed to fail if the interferance fit fails between the flywheel and the shaft. I don't think I would use any key other than the one supplied by yamaha. If the replacement key is harder than the yam key, It may wedge instead of shearing. :D I don't think Yamaha will replace your crank/flywheel if you use the wrong key. :)

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