Where to mount a dune flag on 426

I am heading to Silver Lake (Dune Park in Michigan) next week and need to know where to mount a dune flag. The min height must be 10 feet so I cannot mount to the swing arm (Too low). Any suggestions?

I took a piece of metal and bolted one end of it to my upper pipe mount and then twisted it flat, and bolted the flag on the other end. Worked pretty well.

Has to be fairly strong metal though. If you use weaker metal it will bend when your suspension bottoms.

Thats the best I could come up with without mounting on the swingarm. And I cant do my nac-nac's then because it would be in the way :):D

I have seen companies out there that have brackets that attach to the sub-frame in order to mount a flag at the rear seat area . I ended up taking a piece of L-shaped aluminum and attaching it to my top muffler mount and fender mount bolts, it worked well and was lightweight.

Using the bracket that came with the flag I mounted mine on the swing arm rear wheel axle bolt and used my rear fender bag as a guide so I would not get sucked into the tire. Worked great for the weekend.

In my case it was embaressing to dismount the bike and have your crotch riding the flag pole. :)

Hey Holland. I'm in Muskegon. The last time I was at Silver lake (maybe 2-3 years ago) I could just mount the flag to the rear axle bolt. All you need is an angle bracket to mount between the axle nut and the adjuster block. Duneland sells them. Im pretty sure that most bikes there still mount them to the rear axle bolt unless they have changed something recentely. Call Duneland @ (231) 873-4047 they will give ya the scoop on what ya need.

out here in California we have the same stupid flag law, the way we get around it is rule #1. DONT STOP FOR THE RANGER!!! :)

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