Mixing Two-Stroke Premix 100:1 Into Gas???

Anyone add a tiny bit of two stroke synthetic premix oil into their gas for their 4 strokes? A couple people I know add premix 100:1. Is there any negative effects of this? Or is it more beneficial with a little extra lubrication for the piston, cylinder, valves, and valve seats? The bikes don't smoke or anything, and be mindful I'm not saying to mix oil like you would on a two smoker.... just approximately 100:1. Any thoughts?

I wouldnt because there is a reason it takes straight gasoline. ANd second, you may get deposits on your valves, etc....

This tactic is an old one, dating to before the second world war. It's called "top oil". It has some benefit when using a "dry" fuel, such as some racing fuels or alcohol, since the compression rings are lubricated only by fuel in a well built engine.

But it's not as important as it once was, and isn't required at all with most pump fuels unless you run E85 (shame on you). 100:1 is too much, anyway. 200:1 is more like it.

The oil mixture in the fuel actually reduces the octane rating a smidge too, I have used premix in my 4 stroke in a pinch with no noticable effects, but I see no reason to intentionally do it. Oil fuel mix has a shorter shelf life too, burn it all up if you use it, don't let it sit for weeks in the tank.

I run redline fuel system cleaner in my gas. It lubricates, cleans and helps prevent knock. Been using it for about 13 yrs works great.

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