fILTER box holes ?????

Ok my question is this.......

My neighbor bought a brand new Raptor and the thing was so restricted on the air flow that he went to the dealer and they gave him some funky things about 3/4in in dia that were like miniture airfilters.

You drill a specified size hole in the side of your air box and the fit into it allowing more air through to the filter.

They are foam with a mesh screen on them.

Pretty cool!

Just wondering if anyone has tried these on a 400/426 yet?

If so what results did you get?

They are only about $5 for 6 .

I just wonder if the yz has enuf space between the seat and airbox that they are really unneeded or if they would actually help the airflow. There seems to be a massive amount of air traveling thru the box already and maybe more is needed.



ride BLUE

G4, Although this is considered a popular

cheap/easy power gain on most bikes, everything that I've read on the subject suggests it's not advisable on the Yamaha.

The YZ/WR airbox is designed as a resonant chamber. Drilling holes in the side of it will effectively destroy the resonant effects and leave a hole in the torque curve. The same is likely true for the Raptor, but I haven't had the opportunity to take a close look at one yet.

One of the people I ride with has done this mod (he stuck 2 on each side of the airbox) He claims he has more acceleration and mid range hit...but I doubt it helps the YZ already flows plenty of air already! He rides a 00' 426 if that helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

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