08 yz450f newbie

Ok so i've just recently traded in my kxf 250 for an 08 yzf 450. All i can say is wow.

The bike is incredible. Before i rode i was thinking, i hope i havn't made a mistake in changing bikes. First lap on the track though and i fell in love, lol. I havn't been this excited about riding a bike since i got my first bike.

Can anyone help me on what the stock settings for the suspension are though as i havn't got a manuel yet and what i found was when i opened it up on bumpy straights it would skip about. I just want to get it stock and work from there.

Ha Ha woops i've also wrote this in the wrong place.

Thanks mate. The link doesn't work for me for some reason, just redirects me to yamaha au home page.

The link works for me, but anyway here are the stock suspension specs.:)

FRONT FORK REBOUND DAMPING - 12 clicks out (11 for europe)

FRONT FORK COMPRESSION DAMPING - 12 clicks out (7 for europe)

REAR SHOCK ABSORBER REBOUND DAMPING - 12 clicks out (6 for europe)

REAR SHOCK ABSORBER LOW COMPRESSION - 11 clicks out (10 for europe)

REAR SHOCk ABSORBER HIGH COMPRESSION - 1-1/2 turns out (2 for europe)

Strange must be my location or something.

Anyway thanks for that mate really appreciate it.

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