Really dumb Chain question

As some reader's may know I bought a 426 not too long ago so I am still learning the spec's of the ride. I have been away from home for over a month now ( poor me no bike too ride) and have no idea what type of chain, spec's, the yz426 has and with no bike too look at I do not know exactly what to order. I am getting the std. gears 49/14 ( renthal) but wanted to go ahead and order the DID xring chain but since I dont have the bike or manuel what the hell are the spec's ( links, 520 etc). See when I get home I got to get the bike ready; a gift too myself for working so hard. :)


Order 120 links of a 520 chain, then fit it on your sprockets on the bike. Mark the chain and remove the unnecessary links using a 4" hand grinder and a punch.

Good Luck,


Dumb question part 2; does anyone sell some type of combo package for the renthal/ DID combo.?

Looked at but I hate too spend 200.00+ on just the chain and and sprockets.

FTM sells a nice kit with sprockets and RK chain.

call tuf racing in illinois. they have good prices for renthal sprockets and regina oring chains

Try any of the dirt mags.

There are tons of combo adds in them for anywhere from $100-$200 price range.

I would suggest to get a little higher end chain/rear sprocket well worth your $$$.

It will last a lot longer.

And as far as the "cutting" of the chain ...

I have tried the stationary grinder and it worked but very cumbersome and kinda' hard to do.

The last time I borrowed my friend "Dremel" tool and it worked slick as a whistle......

2 minutes top......


I have had very good luck with the DID chains and Sprocket Specialist sprockets.

And steel fronts are much cheaper than alum.

so i get a couple to regear instead of spending another $50 on a rear i spend $11 on a steel front!!



ride BLUE

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