Brand count at Idaho City race

I counted, 125A&B, 250A&B, 250 openA&B and 4strokeA&B on the registered riders

Total: 72

Yamaha: 25

KTM: 21

Honda: 15

Kawasaki: 7

Suzuki: 3

Husq: 1

All other classes:

Total: 226

KTM: 117


Honda: 28

Kawasaki: 11

Suzuki: 10

Gas GAS: 6

Husq: 4

Husb: 2

Makes me wonder why so many people are racing KTM's?


No wonder here. KTM makes a great product with the "crosscountry racer in mind", reliable, tough, good quality, as a matter of fact the only negative thing you hear is the price. We have both wr450f and a 450exc great bikes paid 6100 for the WR and 6400 for the KTM. I think the list on the WR was 6399 and the KTM 7199. Either bike can win reliably we'll let you know which one lasts the longest.

My cousins own the local KTM dealership. The reason I didn't buy KTM was price and parts availability. Parts are EXPENSIVE!! I DO like my buddies 540 kitted 520 EXC... big torque... big fun. I love the button as well. I like the snap of my 426 though. It seems to get up and stay in the power better say... hill climbing. I'd have to ride a KTM 450 or 525 ALOT to consider buying one despite my dealership relationship.


There were a pair of TM motorcycles there also and didn't see one XR. Sea of Orange in parque ferme.

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