OK...I'm going to post this in both the Honda and Yamaha forum to hear both sides...but here goes..I'm looking to buy either a CFR450 OR A YZ450R....I've read a bunch about them but want some first hand info.Im a vet rider who occasionaly get a top 10 finish.I'm looking for smoothness of powerband and good suspension.I currently ride a 97 CR250R (STOP GROANING NOW)and its time to stop beating my old body to a pulp.Any and all input is welcome...let er rip boys!

I wonder why someone would post this in the WR forum…….

Confused perhaps?

Ride fast-take chances


Let's look at the facts as we know them:

1. from New York :)

2. What's a yz450r(maybe the new ATV) :D

3. He's considering a Honda after owning one :D

4. close to a top ten vet, yet he asks for opinions, all of the vets I know, know it all. :D

Confused? yes definitely!

just playing with ya ride'em both see which one "you" like either will serve you well.

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