New chain installation problems

I used a chainbreaker and it ****ed the chain royally but i managed to straighten it all out a little. still not perfect. its a d.i.d. 520 o-ring. now when i try to put the masterlink on, only the o-rings on one side will go over the middle barrel. i tried to push it all together with a vice grip and now the two pieces of masterlink wont even go together. FML. any ideas? im more concerned about the orings going over the barrel things (dunno what better to call em) and how to keep pressure on the whole thing so i can put the clip on. I'm sure a picture would help. maybe ill post some tomorrow if im just confusing everyone and if my buddy cant help me figure it out. yes its my first time with a chain :)

What kind of chain breaker did you use?

new master links are only a couple bucks

I used an angle grinder as my chain breaker :) Much faster lol.

If the master link is messed up, get a new master link and go ride. If a link on the chain is messed up, just get a whole new chain and go ride. Simply, don't mess around when it comes to the final drive (sprockets included). Keep it lubed and adjusted and healthy. If a side plate has been bent, it is weakened plus it won't fit together right (as you are experiencing). Sure, anything could happen to us when we're out riding. But when it comes to maintaining your machine, damage and injury are preventable. And a final drive failure at the wrong moment can mess you up bad.

So I managed to fit a new link in and get my racing buddy to fit it on. i went riding and seems to be fine. only problem is now, i changed my sprockets in the process as well. I couldnt find a torque spec anywhere in the manual for the front sprocket. i just gave it a half decent go by hand and lubed it real nice. anyone know what the torque spec is? and of course i go out and buy a 150$ torque wrench and it only goes to 30 NM or so. most of the big stuff like axles and such go well beyond that mark. :)

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