Pro Circuit Linkage for '10 YZ450

I posted this a few months back in the new tt and it doesn't appear to have been moved over. My question is, has anyone tried it, the linkage from PC, and if so how do you like it?

Yep.I have it installed on a bike with PC showa works A kit.It seems to lower the rear of the bike alot.Makes it more stable for sure as well.Its alittle slower to turn in though.I like the stock linkage better honestly.

Thanks for the info. How's that Showa A-kit suspension?

Its good.Real good.haha.On my bike I am running revavled stock stuff and the A kit is better for sure.9K better?No not at all.My bike is close to it but the A kit absorbs the small chop better.I think with some DLC tubes I could be right there for a 1/9th of the price.

It sure is pretty though.

The 2010 YZ450F's handling reacts favorably to a slightly longer connecting rod. If you're on the borderline of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup you may need one with an aftermarket link. Reset sag and slide the fork tubes up a few mm based on personal preference and track conditions.

The thread you mentioned, the one that was wiped clean on the TT redo, someone mentioned that PC pulled the plug on the Yamaha connecting rod, but it's still up on their site. No mention how much it lowers the rear. Price is about $225 before shipping or tax.

I tried one of the "New" PC links. As far as I can tell, PC tossed the older one and developed a new one , which I tried. This was a month ago. AS far as I'm concerned its not a stand alone product. It lowers the rear end way to much using the stock suspension. Bones suggested I have my suspension done by PC and it would work properly. It took me 3 hrs of waiting in their lobby to get them to take it back, minus the 20% return fee...

I will never buy another thing from them again... They may run a great team, but the people there don't seem to know their a$$ from their elbow. My 2 cents - 20 %

I wondered if it would require different valving even though they say it is a bolt on mod. Enzo is using a lowering plate in the shock when they revalve the '10. I've had my suspension revalved locally and it works pretty well so I don't want to ruin it by putting the linkage on.

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