stand. set carb rm 250 2001

Somebody tell me?

really nobody?

really nobody?

what are you talking about? jetting? float height? what?

OEM pipe @ sea level:

main jet 162

pilot jet 48

needle 3rd clip from top of needle

air screw 1 1/2 turns out from fully seated

Idle / choke knob about 4-6 clicks from fully seated

for more, see the RM250 sticky for "jetting" under FAQ....

Edited by cherrymx

thank's a lot!... i don't understand my bike run poor whit main 172 at 600m up the sea and 30°...oem pipe, sorry for my bad english

why did you richen your main jet? you need to lean it out, because you are above sea level. uhh... Most jetting is done at sea level (0m) and at about 23°. Try going back to the stock settings on jetting and see how the bike does :)

Oh and welcome to the forums

ok , i prove :)

Too rich.

I'm also 600+ from sea level and have a high compression 2001 RM 250 with pipe/filter and 162 is plenty fat for a main. Pretty sure my pilot is 42and clip is leaner too.

ok i change it :)

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