2010 Oil Change

It seems like everytime i change the oil it always has to much in it. I follow the manual, 1qt. for oil change and 1.27qt. for oil change with fillter. It always comes out when i take out the check bolt. Any reasons or is it no big deal i hope?

The reason is that you are overfilling it. Read the manual again. It says:

Periodic oil change: 0.95L (1 US Qt)

with filter change: 1.0L (1.06 US Qt)

Total amount: 1.2L (1.27 US Qt)

"Total amount" means the amount needed to fill a dry, just built engine. There are about 200cc of oil that cannot be drained under normal circumstances, so it takes 1 liter when changing the filter and oil together.

It's easy: 1 Qt without a filter, 1 Liter with a filter. Most oil bottles have a one liter mark on them even though they only have 946cc of oil in them. Just fill the first bottle up to 1 Liter from the second one, and pour that in.

Also, if you pull the check bolt before you run the engine for a minute or so, you'll see oil come out anyway. Ignore the check bolt and fill with the right amount of oil. Then run the engine and check the sight glass after shut down.

Alright thanks. I kinda figured i was because i was thinking to myself that there is still leftover oil in the engine after you drain it i just didnt know if the manual figured that in. Thanks for the imput though!

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