2005 wr450 stiff rear suspension

just got the bike, havent ridden it much except for a couple hot laps around the parking lot where i trst drove it. im coming from the 2-stroke mx bike-convereted off-roader world. i am noticing a couple of troubling things about the bike, mainly the rear suspension.

first off, the rear seems much stiffer than my yz250, which is strange seeing as the bike is supposed to be a bit more plush than a mx bike. second, i can jump up and down it pretty hard (220lbs worth) and the shock tube never gets down past like halfway on the rod (like im bottoming out but at the half-way point) i am fairly certian it is the stock spring, and the guy before me would have no business riding a stiff spring, as he was about 160lbs.

my thinking right now is that it is the linkage, and i very much hope it is, because thats cheap and easy to fix :) i already played with the rebound and such and there is no major change. the bike was well taken care of by the previous owner and he seemed to know quite a bit about the bike, so i dont know whats up.

Check the linkage and all the bearings for the swingarm. Mine were demolished. After cleaning what could be saved and replacing the rest it made a huge difference.

so yours was kinda locking up halfway too?

sweet baby jesus. do not want. ughhhhh guess ill tear it apart and have a gander. was yours squeaking or creaking at all? because mine makes no noise

No noise, just restricted movement. The lower shock bearing was the worst, but all 3 in the 'knuckle' were bad. The forward 'dogbone' one was fine, as was the upper shock bearing and the swingarm. The lower shock bearing has a lot of work to do, and it is the lowest of them all and gets all the dirt/water etc.

It's not a hard inspection or fix, just takes a little time and patience. Make sure to disassemble the bearings themselves over a clean newspaper or rag because the roller bearing pins will try to get away. If they are rusty at all go ahead and replace them. Pivot Works sells good kits.

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