front cam chain guide...

so after installing my new cam chain i somehow managed to fudge up how my front cam chain guide was seated or maybe my ham handed friend that was "helping" me bent it back a bit seeing how it looks like there's a good sized curve in it at the bottom(i'm waiting for my parts and flywheel puller to arrive so i haven't been able to see it yet again since this happened) but at any rate i can't find in my manual how to replace the guide. does it just 'snap' in and the old one 'snap' out of the holes the pegs are in or am i going to have to completely take the head off the cylinder? i really hope not :\

The front guides slides into a slot behind the flywheel and the 2 round pins at the top slide into grooves in the cylinder. The guide is then held in place by the cylinder head. Unfortunately the head will have to come off to to get the guide in it's correct location.

crap... i was afraid of that :banana: thanks guys... this is gonna set me back :)

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