Radiatorshroud/tank graphics.

I need some new tank/shroud graphics and the best I have found is thru Yamaha of Troy for $65 per side.I have allready tried YZ graphics and there is just no way, the shrouds are too differnt. Anybody got any ideas besides duct tape. By the way JB Weld will patch a radiator in an overnite emergency. It saved the last day of a trip. Tim

When I was looking I saw these http://graphicmx.com/

No idea how good they are, pretty cool though. Maybe a bit pricey?


I just installed the mach 1 yz graphics on my bike. I had to modify a bit, but they look great!. I can send you pics if you like!

Hey Machster, I just ordered the One Industries new Alpha graphics. Any tips you can offer for install to make my life a little easier?

Smoke :)

yea same here im going to get the yamaha of troy graphics i think the yz seat cover fits the wr's :):D

The shrouds on the wr are shorter. All but 1 of the holes line up, so ya have to trim a bit. I am really happy with mine. The key is to take your time!!! :):D

The key is to take your time!!!

That is the only tip you have to offer? :) No secret application liquid, No shrouds in the oven, Maybe tape them in place 1st to hold them while you apply :D

I found graphics at Rocky Mountain MCs webb site and ordered them. It was about 60 bucks for both sides with shipping. They had to be back ordered. No idea what they look like. Cant even remember who made them right now it, was a major supplier and Rocky Mountain is tops in my book. Will give a shout when they come in. Tim

Here is a cheap place. They don't list WR450 graphics yet, but I think they are getting them soon.


Well now that the Clarke tank is on does one buy YZF or WR graphics :) ? Seems nothing in life is truly "bolt-on"?

Well..I didn't use any magic liquid, nor did I heat the shrouds in the oven. I just lined the holes up on the shroud, noticed that the bottom one is shorter than the graphics themselves, so thats where most of my mods were..basically making a new hole for it. I started in the opposite corner, making sure the other holes were aligned, and slowly applied the graphics..working the bubbles out as I went. Not really hard. here are some pics: http://photos.yahoo.com/machster@pacbell.net

Let me know what ya think! :D:)

Looks good. Did you peel off the original decals off the tank or just go over the top of them?

Look very trick Machster! Did you do the left side first? Thought I saw some small air bubbles on the left side tank graphics :D but overall they look awsome. :)

Smoke :D

I peeled off the originals..and I do have a couple of bubbles to work out..thanks for the compliments! :):D

That is the only tip you have to offer? :)

I can help. Take some brake cleaner and spray it on a rag, now wipe the area where you will stick the graphics. Set the graphics in place, trial fit, center it where you want it, now secure it from no less that 4 areas with masking tape. Get a spray bottle, fill it with water and one drop of liquid soap. peel back the tape and lift up half of the decal, leaving the rest in place, now remove the papaer to expose the sticky, take the spray bottle and wet down the sticky and the shroud where its going to stick. Slowly roll the sticker on and being careful not to create a kind or buckle. Now with a plastic putty knife (like the ones used to spread Bondo® on body panels made by 3M) and work the air bubbles out. You can poke it lightly with a needle to assist. The water/soap solution will allow you to work it, once all the air and water is displaced, its stuck for life. Now undo the other half and do the same thing. Doing only half of it at once will assure you get it set exactly where you want it. This is the actual professional way this stuff is put on.

What's up machster? Were do you ride that you don't need hand guards?Just wondering ,i'm a freind of jason moffitt.Did you buy it for motocross or offroad? :)

I haven't found which ones I want yet. I just don't fall..lmao! :)

I got my graphics in yesterday from Factory FX. Got them through Rocky Mountain MC. Look real good and all holes line up but havent had time to put them on yet. They also came with a black decal for the black part of the airbox/sidecover that always gets scuffed by our boots. A very cool xtra they just throw in. Whole thing was $60 with shipping. Tim

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