Sugestions Please?

Hi to all!

this is my first post on this site although I have been reading a lot of post over the last few wks lots of good sound advise it sounds like.

Well this is my delema I have a chance to get a hold of a 00yz 426 for a real real good price and it has some nice xtras on it already but I do not plan on doing to much mx (some)or maybe some H.S.

I like to trail ride a lot and just got a xr100 for the wife and have a xr50 and soon a xr70 for my 2 girls my son is just 8 months old so he will have to wait at least till next yr(ha ha) my qestions are

1. can I make the beast a little quiter?

2. How good of Trail bike is it what i mean is can I ride all day long with the family when I want to and then go and rip on the track when I want to also(rider ability is intermed to advanced)I did race mx for 12yrs and now been out of it for about 12 for the last 3yrs I had a 93dr350 dual sport fun but not for any mx or hs

the bike has new clutch basket from the yam dealer the guy got it from last july and he said he has had no problem since then.

or would I just be better off with a Wr426 is it quiter? I have rode the bike once just up and down his street but that does not help me a lot because I know it will be fun on the track. Just not sure what to do?

any advise please help. And thank you in advance.

Taffy thankyou for the response so quick

can i just switch the muffler at the end of the pipe or the whole pipe do i need also do u know what kind of stock gearing is on the

00 yz426

It sounds like you don't think it will be a problem to trail ride with the family then every once and while. It won't overheat or anything if I am not say flying just keep mooving? Is this correct?

I wouldnt recommend the 426 to a brand new rider but since you raced mx before you will catch on fine...If you plan on doing any MX whatsoever get the YZ (it is better suited) To make the YZ426 quieter you can buy a new exhaust (200-250 bucks) and that will solve the noise issue! And if you want to make it easier to control in the woods a 51 tooth rear sprocket and a 10-12oz flywheel weight! I'm sure you wont be disappointed with your new 426! Have fun riding with your family it is a blast!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

If you need a WR exhaust send me an e-mail I have a stock set up off of my 00 WR that I would be happy to send you. It would make my wife happy to see my exhaust pile a little smaller.

Or give me a call at 520.367.5064. Leave your address.


Kevin F.

Thanks KEVIN!!! this site is great.

buy it & put a wr pipe on it. you can gear it up for trail riding but first will be very tall. if it's a good deal-get it!

we share our problems here butt if you read carefully most riders are delighted with their steeds.

good luck!


Thanks also motoman!!

I haven't heard too much about quieting a 426 down, at least significantly. I mostly trail ride, along with a little MX and I find that it kicks azz in either. I'm am so happy I went with the four stroke, because I was contemplating the CR250R. I wouldn't worry about the sound too much, its great to have that bark when you're coming up behind someone, they'll move right out of the way.

Just my 2cents


I'm 15, live in MI and ride a '00 426F

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

White Brothers offers a "quiet core" for their exhaust pipes. I haven't tried it yet, but I like my White Brother's pipe. A bit louder than stock w/o the quiet core, but with a spark arrestor and more power... it's a good combo.

Get the 426 and enjoy!


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