Yz 426 oil leak

So as some of you know i bought my yz 426 for 500 bucks well i got it home and started working on it and i noticed that the right side fuel tank mount there was a bolt broken. So i very carefully drilled the bolt( half way through) and took a easy out and pulled it out. Well then oil began to run out!!

Damn it!!! Well after brain storming i figured out a temporary fix, What i did was took the bolt and dipped it in YamaBond and put the bolt in as normal. It has been 2 weeks and it is still not leaking any oil :banana:

I know this is probably not the best way to fix it and not very trail friendly if something happens and you have to take it out unless you carry YamaBond with you but it works :) I plan on getting a new frame in the future.

Just thought i would share my Fix with you guys and ladies:ride:

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