06 yz450f transmission oil resevoir?

just got an 06 450 and i was changing the oil and transmission oil and in the manual it didnt say anything about a place for transmission oil? is it seperate from normal oil or is it the exact same? also how much oil do you put in if you drain and put new oil filter in? thanks i appreciate your help.

all the same, no separate tranny oil...just dump a quart in it and be done.

thanks man i appreciate it.

Since this is a "wet clutch" bike. please be sure that you select an oil that is compatible.

If you use a "high mileage" or "energy conserving" oil that has friction modifiers, you risk screwing up your clutch.

Fortunately, there are many, many threads here (some with heated debates:busted:) with info about oil selection.

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