OK guys...which Exhaust should I buy??

Hey Everyone,

I have been riding my 426 a lot lately and have fell twice (mostly overclearing jumps LOL :) ) and my exhaust has slowly been starting to bend towards the rear tire! But in a wreck I had yesterday it bent so that when my suspension goes down, the tire rubs my exhaust! I only rode an 1hr afterwards to verify that it was my exhaust that was bent and then I loaded up the trailer and went home. Anyway to get to the point I want a muffler that tucks more in (like a 2 stroke) so that in the event of a crash it wont bend as bad! So what pipes are you guys running? and would you recommend it? Also did you have to change your jetting to compensate for the new pipe? I'm leaning towards the FMF Power Core (the short MX one not the Spark arrester version) and I'm also looking at the White Bros s-Bend Shorty. These pipes look like the tuck in more than the others? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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I too had to replace my stocker and went with the WB e-series.

Great pipe.

Full review here: http://www.fastbydesign.com/reviews.html

I'm working on a fmf review too, i'll keep you posted


Take a look at this........

It came from a dirt rider magazine



BIG GUN 42.6 @ 8500

Dave miller concepts 42.9 @ 8500

Dirt squirt perf tit. fact srs 44.6 @ 9250

Noleen HVO 43.9 @ 8500

FMF w/header 45.1 @ 9250

FMF w/o header 44.5 @ 8750

FMF w/sa 42.7 @ 8750

FMF w/sa + header 44.1 @ 8500

Pro Circuit T4 w/header 42.2 @ 8500

Supertrapp ids2 "lotsa top" 45.7 @ 9500

Stroker Speed eqpt s/a 43.8 @ 8750

Stroker Speed eqpt s/a header 43.0 @ 8500

Up-tite 45.2 @ 9500

45.2 @ 10000

White Bros.E-hawk 45.2 @ 8750

E-hawk w/header 45.3 @ 8500

E-sbend 12 discs 45.5 @ 9000

R-straight header 45.0 @ 9250

E-Mega straight hdr 45.6 @ 9250

E-Mega 1.75 hdr 45.2 @ 9500

E-Carb/Ti s-bend tpr hdr 45.1 @ 7750

YAMAHA GYT-R carbon/Ti 44.0 @ 8750

According to the article all of these pipes wer down hp in the mid

6000-7000 range compared to the stock.

Not trying to be biased here but I have had incredible luck with the

12 disc setup on the WHite Bros. pipe and that is the same thing

that this article said the testers liked.

They tried the "open end" approach and all of the testers said they

prefered the 12 disc spark arrestor powr to it.

anyway I think you may be able to get back issues of Dirt Rider by

writing to them and requesting a copy .......might cost you a

couple of bucks but very interestin' stuff.


I actually have both the noleen and the w/b eseries.

The noleen is much louder and maybe more top end but the W/B is a much better pipe all-around. and more HP/quieter

and a adjustable w/disc instead of messing w/jetting all the time just add/subt discs to fine tune. AWESOME

Best lookin pipe too although the FMF is good lookin too and my friend has one and sounds totally diff than W/B

It is a little higher pitched.rather than a bellar. Still a great pipe too.


ride BLUE

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I run the E-Series ProMeg with no discs (open end) as recommended by WB. It gained BIG in low end power but gave up some top end. I love the super bottom power and snap!This sucker is loud but it helps in traffic. When I run the stock one I find I rev the motor alot more.

I run the WB E-Series disc with 16 discs and I couldn't be more happy with it. I've heard about the bent/smashed headers but I haven't heard anything about bent silencers, so you must be crashing pretty hard.

Anyways, I'd suggest the WB E-Series and run it with either 12 or 16 discs. When I first put it on, I went up two sizes(168) on the main but it was just too rich, so I went down to a 165 and that works great.

Whats even better about the WB is that you get a USFS approved spark arrestor and a great exhaust for the track. I do believe that it was the favorite in an exhaust shootout in Dirt Rider too.(on the track)

Good luck!


I'm 15, live in MI and ride a '00 426F

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

just fitted a e-series shorty and high boy header

no more stalling at low revs, ive only run it with an open end as of yet [in the ice and snow :mad ] but plan to try it with discs in this week

it also starts a hell of a lot easier too


At the risk of sounding stupid, how does the e-series silencer and the high boy header make starting any easier. No more stalling - OK. But the starting - ???????

Alright - i just read another post stating the same thing - easier to start with e-series installed, no disks. :)

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The amount of discs used apparently has an effect on the jetting. But I may be wrong.


Get the WB You won't be dissatisfied.

My .02



i have no idea at all, maybe some of the more technically minded might know the answer

But it does seem to fire up a lot easier but bare in mind ive only ridden it a few times so far

Originally posted by motoman393:

…my exhaust has slowly been starting to bend towards the rear tire!


Make sure your subframe is not bent, this is not hard to do, and if it is then an aftermarket silencer will rub the tire also. All the aftermarket mufflers I have seen are not significantly slimmer than stock, the PC looks to be the smallest, that is what I have and the silencer is only slightly smaller but since it is round and not oval it protrudes out to the side as much as the stocker.

Having said that aftermarket headers tuck in much tighter than stock. I was drooling, I mean looking, at an ’01 in the local shop yesterday and the header looks stainless and very trick but boy does it stick out there. You have an ’01 right motoman? If you want you could probably fetch a good chunk of change for your stock exhaust, but I’d recommend you keep it around.

I am happy with my PC T4 system, it is well made, has no gasket in the midsection and perked up and smoothed out the midrange at the same time. If I had it to do over again I’d like to try a WB E-Series though, it is probably the most popular pipe for the YZF and is one choice that has done well in all the magazine tests I’ve seen.

A simple yet brutal way to straighten your subframe is to remove the seat, fender and exhaust, lay the bike on the appropriate side, put a big peace of pipe (or crescent) on the seat mount, stand on the motor and pry up.


That was the first thing I checked and the subframe is not bent (thank god)! And yes I do have a 01' and I no longer have the stock header since it creased (have WB high boy now)...of course you know how this happened right??? Well The high compression of the 426 just sucked a KX80 right into me and BAM there goes my header and the little 50lb "Object" that was riding on the 80! LOL You gotta love the 80's right? They are at the point where they are not cute anymore and they are annoying...but I try not to scare or get near the kids on 50, 60, 65's etc because they get scared by the LOUD YZ!

team toxic,

I havent been crashing that hard it just always seems to fall on the right side :) ! I will post one of my crashes (we got it on film haha) whenever my friend learns how to use the software that came w/his digital video camera!

Thanks Guys,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

this is actually off the topic but, im friends with garret, ride with him every weekend, he doesnt crash hard, but always on the right side! man i was railing this berm and a little fruit on a kx60 thought it would be cool to try and block pass me ( he was inside i was passing outside) and i already had a handfull of gas, and my wheel woulda nailed his little helmet, so i ditched out of the berm, got the case hung up, and racked the crap outa myself. it hurt, i couldnt ride for the rest of the day. i think all that air the 426 sux in does make them magicly wana suck into my airbox...stay away from small bikes!!!





I have an '02 426 and have run for the past year with this combo...

FMF “Power Bomb” stainless steel header pipe

FMF stainless steel mid pipe

FMF Power Core IV2 stainless steel silencer

I have had the bike rejetted twice since then by the local Yamaha shop after running the stock jetting a few rides with poppin on the down side and missin on the throttle. You could feel it in the seat of your pants all the way up. I'm not too savvy on jetting and since I know the service tech is good (friend of mine and wouldn't lie to me) I have to say that I'm not impressed with the setup. I lost some low-end snap and it is harder to start...even with the 450 exhaust cam mod. I know the hard starts aren't coming from the cam mod because it was done the year before (and yes...I DO feel like this is a good mod for the 426's). The service tech keeps telling me that I'm nuts and he can't feel the loss...but I ride it every day that it's not snowin and do feel it! I don't know for sure if it's the can or the power bomb (header) and don't really care at this point! I have since bought an e-series carbon fiber can and both titanium mid pipe and header (White Bros.). I am going to have the stock jetting put back in, as that's the recommendation for this setup directly from White Bros. I still think that the stock jetting is the best settings for this bike (most bikes) and anytime you can get away without changing it that your better off. I plan to try this system this summer, but I know you're looking for an answer now. I'll edit this message after I try it tho just in case you're still up in the air.

By the way, the FMF silencer is one raspy, throaty loud :thumbsup:!!! and if you have ANY neighbors they're gonna hate ya! I personally like the noise, even tho I had to turn up the volume on my headphones while ridin!! I know it won't pass the db test tho if you're going to race it !! :thumbsup:

Dr.d is the best I think by far

Or you could just bend it back even if the subframe is also bent its brettty easy to bend it back. just put 2 foot long a 2 by 4 sticking straight out from the frame above the foot peg run a big heavy duty racheting strap from the frame tube in front of the engine and over the end of the 2 by 4 and back to the subframe. Me and my dad have had to do this once on my bro's bike and once on our ttr 125 and both times it made it way better. It takes two sets of hands and about half an hour and make sure when your rachating to go way past perfectly aligned to compesate for the spring back

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