YZF carby perhaps?

The bike is a 2004 WR450 that I purchased as an unfinished project (came in many boxes).

I’ve finished building up the engine and thought I’d have a look at the carby internals to see what jet sizes it was using. I simply assumed it was a standard WR450 carby, but the model number on the side of it says 2S21 rather than the expected 5TJ1 or 5TJ2.

I did a search and all that I could find was that the 2006 YZ 450F used 2S1 as a part number prefix for some parts (including the carby), so I am guessing that this carby originated from that model bike rather than a WR.

Can anyone verify this for me?

Fingers crossed the carby will work with the 2004 WR engine!

Just to close off this query, I have determined that it is indeed a 2006 YZ450 carby, (no ACV and shorter hot start cable), and it seems to work fine on the WR engine.

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