yz 450 LA Sleeve cylinder

I have a 2007 yz 450, I am changing the piston and cylinder and was thinking of going with a LA sleeve cylinder. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about these sleeves. are they quality, easy or difficult to install?, and how to install is anyone knows or has any tips...Thanks

If it's a sleeved cylinder, there's nothing different about the installation. However, my considered opinion is that replating your original cylinder, or using a replated cylinder, is a much better route to go than a sleeve, because all of the OEM designed in expansion rates and clearances remain the same, and heat transfer from the piston to the coolant is far better with a plated cylinder than a sleeved one.

sleeves are cast iron stock cylinder is aluminum expanding rate is different you get pison stuck at the top if not warmed up properly everytime not a good idea get your cylinder replated with nikasil or get a new one

thanks for the info guys

I used them and my cylinder came out excellent. Normal installation, and works well so far.

I bought a used a YZ250 smoker that had an LA Sleeve cylinder and did not have any problems with it, but whenever I had a cylinder that I needed work on myself I always went with Millenium Technolgies for replating instead of sleeving for the reasons outlined by Grayracer above.

The cool thing with MT is that they sometimes have a replated cylinder in stock that they can ship out immediately and then they give you a core-charge refund when they receive yours.

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