best front tire

Since Gray is the man on here i'll try out the MX51..and the pirelli midsoft 32 a try

Gray 1, Hot Rod Charlie Mullins 0

Just kidding :)

Gray 1, Hot Rod Charlie Mullins 0


Again, it depends where you ride, too. Somebody mentioned that SoCal is a different story than other parts of the country. I ride mostly the deserts here, which range from hard pack to packed DG to rocks to gravel and sand, without much of what I'd call intermediate in between. The biggest difference is water; there isn't any, and a little moisture can dramatically change the way dirt takes to a tire.

I haven't tried all of the tires available, but I know this: none of them are magic.

I just don't understand why so many people get chubbies over Dunlop tires. I have yet to use one that impressed me with performance or even lasted all that long. Up front I have really been impressed with the Michelin MH3 or Perelli MXMH tires.

I have yet to use (a Dunlop) that ...lasted all that long.
The MX51 on the front of my bike is still sharp edged after 6 months, and I get 4-6 2 hour desert races plus rec ride time out an MX51 rear.

Here's what it looked like after 3 race days:

The 952 also wears very well.


Sharp knobs are only about 30% of a tire's performance. Having proper flex in the casing of the tire makes up about another 40% of a tire's performance. Rubber compound and knob spacing make up the rest. If you don't believe me then compare a Maxxis SI to an IT, or a Michelin MH3 to an MS3. The knobs are pretty much identical on these tires respectively, yet they perform very differently. Obviously you don't want the knobs to wear out before the casing is worn out (cough...756...cough), but you don't want a tire who's casing gets soft very quickly either. I have had tires stop hooking up after a couple rides despite the fact that the knobs looked brand new. When I took them off the casing had gotten so soft that the tire could hardly stand on its own. I sell tires like this for $20 to people who are just looking for sharp knobs :)

Interesting you say that KJ and it is true, however in my own experience I have found the MX-51 to be one of the best rear tires I have ever used and they continue working well even when the knobs are getting worn down. That said, I run an 18" rear wheel and prefer plenty of sidewall flex for offroading.

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