how would you make a bike feel "bigger"

I'm a good 6' 5'' 200 pounds with boots & Gear on, have pro taper clamp, moved all the way up. woods high bars and I still feel to big for the bike when standing. any ideas?

SDG tall seat?

I'm 6'2" and wear 36" inseam pants. I've been considering trying one.

You can try lower footpegs such as the fastways, but then you have to buy their mounts to mount them in the lowboy position which ends up costing over $150. I got a set of STR lower footpeg mounts which lower the pegs 10mm and doesnt move them back which i like, you can get them from or ebay like I did. The 10mm difference helped me a lot along with taller bars.

Im 6' 4" and run kx high pro taper bars in the forward position on my stock 09 clamp and I could still use some more height. Im not sure if I should buy the gytr bar risers seeing as they are only 5mm of rise and are $80 for some washers under the bar clamps.

Only if you use the +10mm studs with them.

tall seat, lowered pegs, bar risers, pastrana fmx bars. you should be comfortable with all that

Only if you use the +10mm studs with them.

Do i need the longer studs or just the bolts? I think im going to go down there next week and buy some, ill report back when I get them on.

I have the steel frame. Do i just order the fastway pegs and they come as lowboys?

I'm 6'5'' and I use 2" bar risers with Pro Taper Kevin Windham bars. They're tall, but they're also quite wide with very little sweep, good for big guys with broad shoulders. The risers work good because the bars go forward as well as up, so you don't get "pushed back" towards the back of the bike. The only problem I've found is that the bars get thrown out of line pretty much every time they hit the ground, since I have bolt-type clamps that can swivel.

Seems to help a lot when standing. I still need to invest in tall seat foam, though, so I'm not cramped down while sitting.

bigger gas tank might help, lower footpegs bar risers and a tall seat

I have the steel frame. Do i just order the fastway pegs and they come as lowboys?

yea you can mount them in normal position or the lowboy. I think its only the 06-09 yz's that require their mount, but id check first.

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