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my bike just went faster!

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hi all,

Well a couple of days ago I was cleaning and polishing my 07 SM and I took all the plastic panels off, apart from rear fender to clean/prep for polishing.

So my bike was looking rather bare as you would expect with no plastics on.

I then realised I had no polish after all that! So I went for a 5 mile ride to the shops to get it, with my bike in 'naked' format...except i put the air box side cover on, jst to be safe.

Woahh, I thought I was riding a new bike. because I nearly lost it! the front just popped up and I wasnt expecting that at all. and It pulled all the way to 95mph nicely, before it would get to about 75 then it would be a lil slower to 95.

Now my only mods are K+N filter. and the 3x3 mod, the solenoid mod and JD kit on 4th clip.

So with all the panels off(except the air box side cover + rear fender), its producing more power, which leads me to think it may be a lil rich at the moment.. But also how was that extra air getting throgh the 3x3 hole if the air box side cover was on! I dont want to go about messing with the needle,MJ as its a pain to do.. so what im asking is; shal I increase my 3x3 hole? if so to what size?

I really want to unluck this new potential in my bike before i sell her.


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It's not "producing more power". You may be noticing less wind drag and the few pounds the bike has shed.

+1 and it can't even be all that much weight to begin with, the panels can't be 10lbs all in, can they? 5lbs even?

Little bit o' less weight, little bit o' less drag, whole lotta "imagination dyno!" Still fun tho....feels like you're getting away with something 🙂

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cheers for the comments guys, I was just thinking with the battery cover removed and the R/H side cover removed more fresh cold air can enter around the seat area to the air box causing the up in power.. well lol! my imagination? I'm going to try it tommorow as its midnight now and settle this !


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