Dealer confidence

Yesterday I took one of my fork legs into my local dealer to get a fork seal replaced and was asked what it was off of? I said "WR450" Then this brain surgeon asks "What year"?.. DUH!!!!!!! This moron works at a Yamaha shop as a tech. I almost took it elsewhere, but I was limited to time so I left it there. It didn't make me feel real confident about the ability of my dealer


At lease he knew it was a Yamaha, makes him smarter than 1/2 of his counterparts.

That's better than the reply at my local Yamaha/Suzuki shop here in Fort Collins.

I've been asked who makes a WR426? Is it an ATV or a Motorcycle? I've also been asked what displacement my Vmax is when I specifically told them Vmax, VMX12 motorcycle. I'm sure they thought it was a snowmobile. They don't even know that the 12 designates 1200cc. They gave me a PCV valve for it the last time I tried to buy a fuel filter.

I'd go somewhere else. It's not your job to educate the idiots at these shops. :D:)

If I absolutely have to buy a part there, I take my shop manual with me and point to the screen instead of relying on their employees. At least when I point, they can find the part in the back. Now the problem is they don't stock anything.

Our local Yamaha shop (in Marionville) is actually pretty good. They have employees that actually know what they are doing and keep a pretty good assortment of OEM parts.

I'd take those forks elsewhere Jim. :)

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