yz450 gear change to wr450 5-speed now no 2-4

hey guys figured id put up a quick thread to help me where to look. i swapped my 05 yz450 trans gears for the wr450 5-speed set and once all installed i only have 1st and 5th it seems. it will shift through all gears but only those two connect. did i possibly get the sifter forks backwards? its late so i havent resplit the case yet but maybe someone cold shed some light before hand.



ok resplit the case ran the gears through a few times to make sure everything was engaging all cogs and gears shifted correctly ***... well put the cases back together and she shifts beutifully through all 5 gears. dont know maybe cause i had the engine entirely assembled checking timing i didnt have enough rotation on the shafts to engage the cogs there? i dunno i didnt change a thing but shes working peachy now.

cant wait to get her on the street SUPERMOTO style :) oh yaaa


ok so thought it was all good but its not once it was back in the bike i very quickly started missing 2-4 then in and out of 1st and 5th as well. so it was time to tear it down to find the bent forks and destroyed gears....but the gears are almost 100% and the forks dont look bent at all. when it was happening the shifts were very hard or short not feeling the lock. so looking at the shift drum i noticed the pin pushed in and the matting ratchet lock that bolts in had what looked like wear from the pin sliding on it. sad that it felt a bit wierd when installing and i didnt check it and now im on the 3rd tear down because of it so before i put this back together i would like to run it by you guys maybe grayracer being the resident guru? im pretty sure but will this cause the miss shift and slipping out of gear? i figure so as it would have locked in like half gear or moved the ratched but slid on the pin not moving the shift drum.

whatcha think?



Looks like you're onto something there. Be sure the pin indexes solidly in the slot and get that bolt tightened up.

well to finish this issue out its fixed that was it reindexed the pin out and installed correctly shifts like a dream.


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