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xr400 no spark

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Started up the XR, idled for a bit, and it died, now now spark

Here's what the exciter coil shows

black/yellow to green/ground .5 ohms

green/ground to plug wire end (with cap) 18.39

black/yellow to plug wire end (with cap) 18.39

these numbers look good? Hoping it's not my stator, it's a rewound stator

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sounds like you solved that one pretty quickly nice work,it usually takes me 2-3 trys and lots of bad words to figure crap like that out...take the old one and strip it down and rewind it with 2 separate 100 watt outputs...do a search here and youll find lots of info.

having the stator core is most of the battle, the wire and epoxy are cheap....

course looking at your post count you prolly know already....

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