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'04 125 bottom with '94 144cc top...

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Have a new ready to go Gorr 1994 144 top end that I would lot to bolt on to my 2004 bottom end. As far as electronics go, anyone have any idea if I can just remove the electronic power valve servo and run it with no issues?

Also, for anyone who is running an early style HPP cylinder on the later model chassis and lower end, what is the easiest pipe mod combo? I was think run a 2004 style pipe and silencer and modify the header flange as needed. It seems a "dimple" to clear the RH HPP cover will be needed as well.

If I didn't already had the cyl kit ready to go, I would just have my 04 cyl set up as a 139cc system. Any idea of how much performance difference there would be between the two? (94 144cc and 04 139cc) The 04 cylinder seems like a simpler way to go, albiet another $450.00.........

I have heard the Plano honda bikes from the early 2000s were running HPP cylinders. Can anyone confirm and and if so, what pipes were they running?

Thanks Much!

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