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help please!

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After riding 4 strokes for the last 7 years now or however long its been... went back to a 2 stroke. Picked up a pile of crap 08 yz250. Replaced just about everything other than the motor. It was running good and then the last time I rode it, it felt kind of weird and didnt sound right to me. I'm real paranoid as I've seen to blow up every 2 stroke I rode previously ALOT so I figured I'd put a new top end in it so I could check things out.

New top end, broke it in and everything and it still feels the same way. It sounds great, it pulls hard in mid/top.

The problem is hard to describe, my best way is that it feels like a 4 stroke like it has engine breaking. Or it feels as if I'm riding around with a brake dragging.

It used to chug right around corners. Now it feels like it wants to die in the corners and I have get on the clutch alot more than I did before. It has plenty of hit on bottom if I crack the throttle. It just feels like when it is in low RPM somethings dragging. Thats my best way to describe it:banghead:

Any ideas? The only things possible I could think of would be something with the power valve or the reeds??? Its the same jetting I ran since day 1 when i redid the whole bike and put the new pipe and stuff on it. Nothing changed. It just started feeling like that one day, rebuilt top end, and then still feels like that.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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