Hot cams going into WR426. What else to do?

Am going to add hotcams ex. cam for auto-decompression and decided to install the intake cam also. Since I'll be all over the top end, are there any other items that should be replaced at this time? The bike is an '02 and has about 5k miles on it.

much thanks, Scott

+2mm bore, turns it into a monster

You may want to install a new timing chain. It's fairly cheap, but you'll need a rotor puller.

+1 on the timing chain. You will likely need different shims, too (I did), but you won't know which ones till you get it together. Be sure to use some assembly lube on the cam bearing journals, and a drop of red locktite on the half moon clips...but be sure the assembly lube you use doesn't have moly or graphite in it, as that could cause clutch slippage.

You will really like what the cams do for you!

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