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2001 CR250R Reliability?

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Here's my 2cents.

Save the money on a new top end (for right now at least). Instead, buy a service manual and a good digital micrometer. Measure your piston-cylinder clearances and replace the piston when it is out of spec. Repeat as necessary.

If your bike really only has 5 hours on the top end, your just flushing money down the toilet by replacing it again, when you don't have any idea what is acceptable or out of spec.

I don't know anything about paddle tires or riding in dunes, except that it puts a lot of strain on engines, so you'll probably be needing to replace the top end more often than if you rode on a groomed mx track. But you'll definitely be ahead of the game if you're armed with the tools and information to know when your engine needs new parts, rather than just guessing and trying to keep track of hours spent in the saddle.

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