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02 CR450R starting issue

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I just bought an '02 450R.

It had a Big Gun slip on originally (no packing, loud, no SA, etc)

Changed that out for an FMF Q (Q2) - fresh packing.

Just put in a new Iridium spark plug as well (NGK IFR8H11)

Also - did the MX Bonz Air Box repair rings recently as well

I live in Phx Az, Elevation 1300 ft, Temp 105.

Bike would not start 🙂, Occasionally it would fire but not stay lit. It didn't matter, choke on, choke off. It seemed to prefer to "want" to start using the hot start.

(btw - fresh Uni-filter, kept the backfire screen) - Carb setting as follows: Needle OBEKR, 3rd clip from top, Fuel screw 1.5 out, Main 168, Pilot 45, leak jet 55.

Any thoughts ? Am I close on jetting or way off for temp/elev and the freshly packed FMF Q2 ?

Thanks ahead of time for any help..

(Kicking that thing for an hour in 105 degree weather was less than appealing :banana:)


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1 intake was a little tight, all others good.

turns out 4 hours later, in a 150 degree garage in Az in the summer, the carb plate was upside down... notch goes to the bottom.....aaarrrgggghhhh !! good news - bike runs like champ !!!!

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